It might seem antithetical…

… but the no makeup makeup look actually requires just the right…makeup.


As a makeup company catering to busy folks who need easy, simple quality, we could not be more in love with the natural look gracing runways and town streets alike. It’s fast, it maintains the integrity of that gorgeous mug you were born with and allows you to feature one of your favorite, well, features. But it still require products- who doesn’t have some redness or bags to cover up? Who wishes their forehead was a little smoother, cheeks a little more dewy, nose a little more matte?? And there’s not a thing wrong with wanting to remedy those little problems. There’s also not a thing wrong with a heavier face of makeup and say, some lashes you maybe weren’t born with, don’t get me wrong! But being at ease with a more natural look inspires ethereal confidence and did I mention how much faster it gets you out of the house in the morning?

Here’s some examples we stole from the interwebs- for your product locating convenience I’ve linked key words to our site, shop away!


Just fabulous.

But she’s not barefaced. This gal is actually an example of one of the best ways to add color to the face and keep it natural. I bet they started with a good HD foundation, formulated to have great coverage in a thinner product, no caking or heavy look. It’s perfect for modern TV photography, but also great for the modern you, every day. So, what else? Sure, we’re all used to bronzer in the summer to add a safe bit of color to the places the sun would normally brown if we weren’t being safe and loading up on our SPF products. But there’s nothing wrong with keeping that glow in the colder months, especially when you place it where the face would naturally get a bit of flushed color- where you might normally use blush. Using bronzer on the apples of the cheeks gives a nice light brown glow, for an all over natural, neutral palette.


Is this lady a fairy princess? Yes. Yes she is.

All shimmer and dewy and neutral, with a little touch of mascara to open up the eyes- this look requires a few minutes with a highlighter or brightener, but well worth it for the youthful, smooth glow that results. Even out skin tone with some tinted moisturizer or CC/BB cream (with SPF!), combine with mineral powder for oil control without a dry or cakey look. We also have a pretty great Luminous Foundation.

Remember when I mentioned earlier than a minimal all over look can help focus attention on a particular feature? In the no makeup makeup game, lips are often that feature.


Good, old fashioned creme lipstick.

I’m not even sure these ladies have any mascara on, I’m too busy looking at their amazing lip color.

Another accent that I noticed a lot of when perusing the nets is a little bit of orange or dark peach toned shadows- not a color that works for all, but warm skin tones look amazing with a tough of a fiery shadow. Our cooler complected friends can get the same effect with a taupe or silvery shadow.


Embrace the natural look with no makeup makeup! And remember, can give you all the tools you need to accomplish any look your little makeup loving heart desires!






What’s in a trend?

So, I just finished perusing through 243 photos taken outside of the event centers during Paris Fashion week… and had a couple revelations. Mostly about fashion, but relative to makeup as well. While looking over an assortment ranging from bag lady crazy to bag lady chic, to actual timeless chic to rock and roll raggedy to nearly naked, I realized something- that being, if you wear it well, certain things will never be out of style, even if a magazine cover doesn’t declare them a trend. Some things just don’t look right on any people (and maybe they really aren’t meant to) but for the most part, if you have the mental panache and confidence to carry it off, it can work! Por ejemplo:

hbz-pfw-fgold bathrobe.jpg

This gal is basically wearing a better tailored version of a 70’s men’s pjs and a velvet gold bathrobe. But she looks fantastic! I want that gold velvet bathrobe!

a lot going on.jpg

SOOOO MUCH going on here- prints, textures, detailing, weird lengths- this is normally something I would scoffed- but you can tell, even from the just the photo that these 2 women feel great with their choices and I applaud them! Why not wear the things you like? I have a lot of friends that see fashion photography, even just “people on the street” kind of stuff and say “I love that, but could never pull it off.”  To that I say, YES YOU CAN! Why should Parisians and people who can afford fashion week tickets have all the fun?

baggy jean mess.jpg

Wear that baggy jean head to toe ensemble with duo color boots!

brown leather puff coat, kitten heels and highwaters.jpg

Mix that huge puffy leather coat with highwater bell bottoms and kitten heels!

princess leia tennis outfit.jpg

Princess Leia tennis outfit? Sure!!

Fashion should be fun.

SIDEBAR:Unfortunately, some people also think it should be expensive- but there are ways around that, too. I’m sure the cost of this retro 80’s look equals the market value of my used Subaru Outback, but I saw a mock turtleneck top just like that in a Salvation Army last week- and the jeans. And the puff coat.high waisted 80s jeans and puff coat.jpg

Back on track… Like I said, fashion should be fun. And of course, your definition of fun fashion, my definition of fun fashion, a myriad of other people’s definition of fun fashion all vary- but the point is, go ahead and wear it. Take a risk, get out of your comfort zone for a while and pretty soon that comfort zone has grown bigger. And we’ll all be more interesting for it.

Okay, don’t think I wasn’t doing to throw in something about makeup, we are a makeup company after all… plus, all my talk about “wear the clothes you want” also applies to “wear the makeup you want”, especially when it comes to lips. People are so afraid of a bold or bright lip, but you shouldn’t be. If you love it on you, don’t let what other people may or may NOT say matter. (Meaning, they probably don’t even notice it looks “too bright” or “too bold”, only you suspect they might.) So here’s some places to start when you wanna rev up that lip…


Bust out your inner dark diva with Spy lipcolor.



Bright coral lip stain can’t help but be refreshing.


Make a Heat Wave in the fall with these racy, red lip glosses.

Check out for tons of lip options, both bold and subtle- and a full line of other cosmetics to help you make fashion YOUR definition of fun.


Highlight? Yes, please.


Highlighting is the one trend that we hope never goes away.  Even though there is something to be said for moderation, a little highlight goes a long way to giving your face that extra something.

So, for those of you still unsure of what highlighting is, highlighting is a way of using face makeup to attract light to specific features, creating the illusion of brightness and height, hence that lit-from-within look.

If you wanna give highlighting a try, you should check out some of these great dupes for the more expensive products on the market that we have to offer here at Tah Tah!

Fan of the Smashbox L.A. Lights Highlighter?  Try our Cheek Stick in Ignite.


Fan of the Nars The Multiple Stick?  Try our Cheek Stick in Adorable.


Fan of Benefit’s High Beam?  Try our Liquid Shimmer in Wavelength.


Fan of the Nars Super Cream Illuminator?  Try our Liquid Blush in Privileged.



Hope these dupes inspire you to get out there and GLOW!


Kim @ Tah Tah Makeup

Summertime Switcheroo

Let’s be honest, sometimes it super easy to get in a makeup rut.  Me personally, I’ve used the same 3 eyeshadow hues (even if I’ve purchased variations of the same color from different brands) for YEARS.  This Summer, let’s commit to breaking out from the usual with a few of these simple summertime swaps that will refresh your look!

Foundation:  Have you tried a tinted moisturizer or BB cream?  Both of these options will offer a dewier, more summer-friendly look with a buildable level of coverage.  Still want a little more coverage than these two options can provide, but want a dewy finish, try mixing a little of your moisturizer with your current foundation!

Try:  Tinted Moisturizer, BB Cream

Eyeliner:  Try a navy!  I’m a super fan of black eyeliner, particularly this guy.  But, in the summer, I love to mix in a navy to make my eyes pop in the summer sun.

Try: Long Wear Ultimate Eye Pencil in Shiver

Eyeshadow:  This is my biggest rut.  I use brown, darker brown, lighter brown and black.  These colors are consistently it for my eyeshadow routine.  This summer though, I am going to try and change it up by adding in a copper and gold (which, I know, are just metallic shades of brown, but baby steps…) and a peachy pink shadow to the routine.

Try: Bonfire, Booty, Symphony, Please

Here’s to trying something new!  Leave a comment with your favorite way to switch up your makeup routine and we’ll feature our favorite answer on our social media!


Kim @Tah Tah Makeup

Protect Your Skin, Y’all!


Summer is right around the corner and if you’re like me, you’re outside and enjoying the beautiful weather before it gets too ungodly hot outside.  The question I have for you though is, are you protecting your face?!?

One of the number one ways to keep your skin healthy and looking young is by protecting it from sun damage.  Aside from the threat of skin cancer, over exposing your face to sun can result in wrinkles, uneven skin tone and sun spots.

Luckily, Tah Tah Makeup has tons of options for you with SPF coverage to help defend your skin against the sun to keep you looking youthful.

Looking for lighter coverage?  Try our Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 15, BB Cream with SPF 30, or CC Cream with SPF 20!

Want something full coverage?  Try our 3-in-1 Foundation Stick with SPF 18, Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation with SPF 15, or our Perfect Finish Foundation with SPF 15!

So there is no excuse not to cover up this summer while you’re out showing a little skin!


Kim @tahtahblog

If I can do it, you can do it.


Last time I mentioned this great lip I came across while perusing Spring runway looks (purpose was to find some outrageous eye looks to try out on my friend Tiffany, my offical guinea pig, I’m sure that will come up again in the future.) I decided to see if I could reproduce it.

Here’s the lip:





I’m no model folks, thus I wasn’t born with a model’s lips. Especially not those like this under 21 year old fairy lady- all that is to say my photos of the finished product below won’t be quite as ethereal and beautiful, but I think I got pretty close!



First step is definitely a lip primer – this look requires a pale slate. Incidentally, we happen to have a “go on smooth-last all day” lip primer.  Best part? You can use it on your, eyes, too! It keeps shadow fresh and true to color until you wash it off. Plus, it keeps the shadow from consolidating into those weird, dark crease lines when it’s hot and muggy outside. I have sort of uneven toned pinkish reddish lips, so I highly recommend it, for both its evening effects and staying power for any lipstick or crayon. You can get some here.


Next I covered my entire lip with a neutral liner, the Ultimate Pencil in Bashful. A great base for nude and lighter pink lip colors, it gave a nice pink toned beige base for the look.


After the first liner color, I added a coat of Rose Salve, adding a great moisturizing shine. It works great to heal dry lips, add a bit of glossy finish and is absolutely affordable. You can find it at Ulta or order online from Amazon.


And the comes the pop of coral. Initially I tried the Ultimate Pencil in Take Me. Only coloring in the middle third of my lips, I then used the brush with the Rose Salve to feather the color out towards the corners.


It was slightly lighter than I expected but was lovely color overall.

Neither a model nor professional photographer.

I think I may have added a little too much color on the top lip, when comparing to the photo- but for a first try, not terrible. And I learned all over lip liner mixed with some gloss or balm provides an all day pop of great color! even last through my 5 cups of coffee before noon. (In addition to The Rosa Salve, Maybelline Makes a great semishine called Baby Lips- feels great, not too glossy- perfect to soften the all over the lip liner look.)

Here’s everything I ended up using when trying to find the best options for the look I was going for:


Besides the previously mentioned liner colors and primer, the pic shows some of my favorite coral lip options from the Tah Tah line.

The gorgeous coral lipstick is called Geranium.

The matte stain to it’s left is Matchmaker. When we say “stain”, we mean it. Won’t even come off on your significant other’s cheeks after a kiss! Plus, these are on sale!

Right above that is the Liquid Lips Gloss in Heat Wave, great shine, pop color and a little bit of metallic sparkle. They’re also enriched with Vitamin C and don’t get sticky! Who doesn’t love that?

I’m off to look at more runway looks now, that outrageous idea to try on my friend Tiff, so until next time…


Luci @tahtahblog


So, I’ve still been seeing the return of the intense magenta lip. It is, in a way, reminding me of the 80’s EXCEPT for the fact that it’s being done so much classier this time around!

Instead of mixing bright fuchsia lips with full electric blue eye makeup (I mean, even the lashes, back then!), a lime green turtleneck from the The Limited (RIP, old friend…) and a slap of hotter than the Sahara pink blush on the cheekbones, it’s now the showpiece companion to a muted neutral eye and will look AMAZING with a range or dark blues, like this deep royal…


Sophisticated, am I right?!

Also works wonderfully with basically no other makeup on your gorgeous face, like Marion here in her Christian Dior at $35 a tube. I’m not saying it’s not a great lipstick- Dior lipstick is great! Probably. I’ve never owned any. I can’t bring myself to spend $35 on something I’m probably going to lose in a restaurant bathroom or the seat of my car. But I have an affordable dupe for myself and I’m betting it lasts longer… Read on!


And of course it’s a Tah Tah product, I mean- that’s partially why I’m here. This morning I took our Narcissist lip liner and colored in my entire bottom and top lip with the liner. Very nice, semi matte finish, great all over coverage! Here’s the color sample.ULL_-_Narcissist_1024x1024



Looked pretty great with the royal purple sheer top I have on, too.


Then I drank my  usual 5 Keurig cups of coffee before lunch, lips still looking good! I felt like I wanted a little shine though… Love the matte trend, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes you just want a little more shine, ya know?

So I popped a little of this Berry Pop Lip Crayon over it, a great sheer color that gave just the right boost to the Narcissist Liner that was still holding strong after all the coffee! And, okay, fine- also a doughnut.



Like they were made to be paired…


Alright, let’s do some math. The Ultimate Lip Liners are $10, the Lip Crayons are $12. Which makes the combo a sweet (and less than Chanel!) $22.00. Plus, this way I’ve got a sheer version of the purple pop when I’m interested in a hint of color instead of the full on. And don’t forget the free shipping!

You know what else I keep seeing- runway especially- that I absolutely love?

This vintage feel lip stain, focused on the center of the lips.



Just. Love. It. So much that I’m saving it for the next blog!


Never forget, we are all beautiful and empowered.