Are sulfates really the root of all evil?

Blamed for frizz and damage the world over, are sulfates really every hair do’s worst friend?

I’ve been doing a little research and found out that the answer is actually… it depends!

So basically, the issue with sulfates is they may make your scalp and hair too clean.  They act as detergents and cause the foaming of shampoo- depending on the strength, they can strip natural oils away, along with the grime of the world and all the products you may have piled on. Those natural oils can keep dry hair and scalps from being quite so dry… Take me, for example. I have weirdly curly, very dry hair. So dry, that when I wake up in the morning, it would appear someone from Arizona had snuck into my bedroom overnight and attached a tumbleweed to the top of my head. A head like that needs to retain some of it’s natural oils! As do folks that have any kind of dry skin or scalp issues, like itching, redness, eczema or psoriasis. In these cases, yes- even less intense sulfates (those where the “laur” ends with “-eth”, rather than “-yl”) should be avoided. A lot of people are not completely comfortable with a shampoo that doesn’t lather- there are plenty out there with sulfate substitutes that still foam up- but there’s a lot to be said for a cream based shampoo, like Deva Curl’s No Poo. If you can get past the feeling of putting conditioner on your head twice, these cream shampoos give you a great clean and retain plenty of moisture in hair that wants to act like it was hay in a previous life. those who color their hair are wise to avoid sulfates as well- the harshness of the cleaners can strip your color away faster than it fades out on its own.

But what about folks who don’t color their hair, or have any dryness issues? What about people who have scalp sebaceous glands on overdrive? I think we’re so conditioned (pun intended) to protest sulfates because an advertiser (or 200) told us to. Are they getting a raw deal? One afternoon, I was socializing at a good friend’s home. As I excused myself to use the bathroom, she lept from the sofa and intercepted me.

Her: WAIT!

Me: What??

Her: I think I left the shower curtain open a little…

Me: So what??

Her: …and I don’t want you giving me crap for the brand of shampoo I have!

Am I that bad about it?? Ok, maybe. I shoved her aside and ran for the shower only to see a bottle of extremely economy shampoo, a brand that I (along with approximately 49,000 websites and bloggers) have publicly insulted for being one of the absolute worst, chock full of the most offensive variety, sodium lauryl sulfate.  I looked at her with the disappointment of a mother hearing her child has flunked preschool. “Why?!? Why would you do this after all I have shared with you!?!?” But I was forced to take pause as I actually looked at her hair… wait a minute, her hair always looks healthy and amazing… HOW IS THIS SO? After confessing that she’s been using this supposed crap for years, using the money she saves on shampoo to buy better brands of wine than I do, it hit me- some people need a little extra oil stripping! If you have excessively oily scalp, a sulfate shampoo could actually save you time- maybe you wont have to wash it everyday if you get it a little more squeaky clean?

I’ve read/heard in a number or places that shampoo application should focus on the scalp and just a rinse of the suds through the rest of the length is adequate to get the hair clean, but less concentrated suds are less harsh on the the older, possibly damaged ends. And then conditioner should focus on those ends, not on the scalp, which is supposed to be helping condition itself. Which makes perfect sense.

So there you go! Sulfates aren’t great for some, but for other people, they simply don’t live up to the evil hype. For more detailed info, check out the Self Magazine article I scavenged!

Keep having an awesome summer!






I’m Melting! I’m Melting! I’m Melt… No Wait, It’s Just My Makeup.


I get it.  It feels like the muggy surface of the sun outside most days.  We’ve hit the dog days of Summer and doing your face sometimes feels like a exercise in futility.  We’ve all been there, first step out the door and our makeup feels like it’s now around the chin/neck area.  

Here are a few tips and tricks to hopefully keep your makeup on your face through whatever Summer has to throw at you.

  • Take It Easy!

There is no need to load your face with tons of product during the hottest days of Summer.  Try a tinted moisturizer or BB cream instead of a full coverage foundation. Even better, use an all in one product that includes SPF, like this one



If you are going to wear foundation, it’s all about the first line of defense when it comes to fighting the war against the Summer makeup melt.  Primer helps to hold your foundation in place and can extend your wear throughout the day. BUT, remember to use sparingly, a little can go a long way!  Try our Camera Ready Primer!  



  • Blot It Out!

Experts suggest using powder minimally when it comes to combating shine. If you apply and reapply powder over and over, it can look cakey with each pass. Try dabbing powder, like our HD Finishing Powder, on your face versus swiping and when you feel a little oily,  try blotter paper to combat your shine. Blotting papers are great because they absorb excess shine but do not disturb the makeup. 



  • No Suprises Here!

When it comes to mascara, obviously go for a water-resistant or waterproof formula, since any kind of moisture—humidity, tears, or sweat—will make regular mascara come off.  Try our Lash Excellence Black Waterproof Mascara for those hot, humid days!



  • Get Outta Here Powder Blush!

Blush adds balance and healthiness to any look, but if you’re still using the same powdery formula, your flush might be getting cake-y faster than it takes to get to work in the morning. Stains and creams are great for longevity in hot weather!  


So there you have it!  5 tips to keeping your look from fading in this Summer heat!  Visit for more makeup options for all seasons!


Kim @TahTahMakeup

Makeup Lessons that actually work!

Makeup lessons
TAH TAH Studio
2727 Selwyn Ave. Ste 206 Charlotte NC 28209
At Tah Tah, it’s our goal to lift the makeup mystery veil… to help you get
comfortable selecting and using products, help determine what works best
for you and make makeup fun, not daunting.
Sure, we have a lot of faith in our products and hope you love them, but we aren’t
just here to sell you something, we want you to learn! Our process fully incorporates
you- we demonstrate techniques and pro-tips on only half of the face, which leaves the other half for you to practice on, that way we can observe and make suggestions or tell you you’re a natural!
Lessons are offered in 30 (30$) or 60 (50$) minute increments.
With the 60 minute session we can usually cover all the basics for the entire face,
including foundation, concealer, eyes, cheeks and lips. If you prefer, we can focus
on specifics instead, for a more indepth look at techniques on certain areas.
A 30 minute session allows a focus on 1 or 2 specific areas, learn the art of the smoky
eye and perfectly lined red lip, for example, or master highlighting and
proper bronzer application. Whichever you choose, we’re confident you’ll happily
walk away with new application knowledge and skills.

You know the old saying…

…and it’s true, April showers do indeed bring May flowers. But, right now it looks like March showers are Mother Nature giving it a trial run and all that humidity has it in for our beauty routines! So, for this chapter, I’ve decided to scour the interweb globe for some of the best tips for rainy weather. I don’t consider it plagiarism or stealing- it’s borrowing, from people who probably said it better than me! And I’ll usually give them credit!

  1. This isn’t from the internet, this is my personal recommendation for dense, gray, rain filled days- call into work, cancel your appointments, cuddle up on the sofa with a pet and a good book. Throw in a cup of your favorite tea or coffee and voila- you don’t need to worry about your running mascara or frizz prone hair! Ok, I know how unrealistic that is… so here’s the real

1. From the StyleCaster blog- “Close your hair’s cuticle for less frizz.
Regardless of whether your hair is fine, thick, straight, curly, or some combination thereof, rainy weather can only mean one thing: Frizz, and lots of it. According to Rafe Hardy, creative director at Sexy Hair, the key to avoiding fuzzy texture is to keep the hair’s cuticle sealed. He says, “Use a light mousse or gel all over the hair and work it through so that the entire follicle is smooth.” Other ways to close the cuticle are by using a lightweight silicone product when styling and rinsing hair with cold water at the end of your shower.”

2. Here’s one I especially love from the folks at “Cream Vs. Powder. Opt for cream shadows and blushes instead of powder. Cream has longer staying power and can be blended more easily. When powder gets wet, it can tend to streak. Tinted moisturizers and BB/CC Creams are great foundation alternatives that require less time applying and fixing.”   This is absolutely true. Incidentally, Tah Tah has a fantastic cream shadow that stays on like a dream. Here’s my favorite shade, Bronze Frost.

Creme Eye Shadow - Tah Tah Makeup - 8
 Click this little pic and you can have some, too!!

I think it goes without saying that rainy weather = waterproof mascara, or you’ve got the  the more complicated math problem of rainy weather + nonwaterproof mascara= black tears when you aren’t even sad. Funny thing, we have some good waterproof mascara, too.

3. Now for some prep and finish advice from a gal named Patrice Grell Yursik, who definitely seems to know what she’s talking about, plus she’s witty! (You can find all her advice at her blog,   “Be the Prime Minister  Your face is clean and moisturized, and you’re ready to apply your makeup. But there’s an important step before you put on your war paint that will ensure it lasts, whatever the weather. We’re talking primer. There’s a makeup primer for every part of your face. There are lash, eyeshadow (in a variety of styles and shades from creams to crayons), foundation and lip product primers.

and then her finish advice-

Finish up Once your face is complete and you’ve used your primers and waterproof cosmetics, there’s an additional step that can help your makeup weather the storms — finishing sprays. There are types designed to suit your every need, whether you’re trying to tone down oil, have a photo perfect look or maintain a dewy radiance. Makeup artists also have been known to rave over water-based facial sprays. A light mist of H20 can actually help set your makeup! And then there are powders that you can brush on to maintain and set your overall look. ”

Water? A little mist of water? Amazing! WHY HAVE I BEEN OVER-COMPLICATING THINGS?? We do have a pretty good setting spray, though, by the fine folks at Limelight.

4. Let’s go back to StyleCaster for another idea that sounds like it might be good for any weather- “Blending makes it better.  Whether you’re heading out into a light drizzle or a torrential downpour, makeup precautions need to be taken. Innis suggests major blending as a strategy: “To keep your makeup intact in humid weather, always make sure to rub makeup into your skin so that it’s not just sitting on top.” This is where a super-efficient makeup sponge, like the Beautyblender ($19.95,, comes in. The suede texture of the curved non-latex sponge perfectly blends makeup for a flawless finish that really works makeup into the skin.”

(Read more:

Well, there you go- sometimes you only need 4 good tips! And some anti humidity hairspray… enjoy the rain and don’t forget, it just means Spring is en route!








It might seem antithetical…

… but the no makeup makeup look actually requires just the right…makeup.


As a makeup company catering to busy folks who need easy, simple quality, we could not be more in love with the natural look gracing runways and town streets alike. It’s fast, it maintains the integrity of that gorgeous mug you were born with and allows you to feature one of your favorite, well, features. But it still require products- who doesn’t have some redness or bags to cover up? Who wishes their forehead was a little smoother, cheeks a little more dewy, nose a little more matte?? And there’s not a thing wrong with wanting to remedy those little problems. There’s also not a thing wrong with a heavier face of makeup and say, some lashes you maybe weren’t born with, don’t get me wrong! But being at ease with a more natural look inspires ethereal confidence and did I mention how much faster it gets you out of the house in the morning?

Here’s some examples we stole from the interwebs- for your product locating convenience I’ve linked key words to our site, shop away!


Just fabulous.

But she’s not barefaced. This gal is actually an example of one of the best ways to add color to the face and keep it natural. I bet they started with a good HD foundation, formulated to have great coverage in a thinner product, no caking or heavy look. It’s perfect for modern TV photography, but also great for the modern you, every day. So, what else? Sure, we’re all used to bronzer in the summer to add a safe bit of color to the places the sun would normally brown if we weren’t being safe and loading up on our SPF products. But there’s nothing wrong with keeping that glow in the colder months, especially when you place it where the face would naturally get a bit of flushed color- where you might normally use blush. Using bronzer on the apples of the cheeks gives a nice light brown glow, for an all over natural, neutral palette.


Is this lady a fairy princess? Yes. Yes she is.

All shimmer and dewy and neutral, with a little touch of mascara to open up the eyes- this look requires a few minutes with a highlighter or brightener, but well worth it for the youthful, smooth glow that results. Even out skin tone with some tinted moisturizer or CC/BB cream (with SPF!), combine with mineral powder for oil control without a dry or cakey look. We also have a pretty great Luminous Foundation.

Remember when I mentioned earlier than a minimal all over look can help focus attention on a particular feature? In the no makeup makeup game, lips are often that feature.


Good, old fashioned creme lipstick.

I’m not even sure these ladies have any mascara on, I’m too busy looking at their amazing lip color.

Another accent that I noticed a lot of when perusing the nets is a little bit of orange or dark peach toned shadows- not a color that works for all, but warm skin tones look amazing with a tough of a fiery shadow. Our cooler complected friends can get the same effect with a taupe or silvery shadow.


Embrace the natural look with no makeup makeup! And remember, can give you all the tools you need to accomplish any look your little makeup loving heart desires!





What’s in a trend?

So, I just finished perusing through 243 photos taken outside of the event centers during Paris Fashion week… and had a couple revelations. Mostly about fashion, but relative to makeup as well. While looking over an assortment ranging from bag lady crazy to bag lady chic, to actual timeless chic to rock and roll raggedy to nearly naked, I realized something- that being, if you wear it well, certain things will never be out of style, even if a magazine cover doesn’t declare them a trend. Some things just don’t look right on any people (and maybe they really aren’t meant to) but for the most part, if you have the mental panache and confidence to carry it off, it can work! Por ejemplo:

hbz-pfw-fgold bathrobe.jpg

This gal is basically wearing a better tailored version of a 70’s men’s pjs and a velvet gold bathrobe. But she looks fantastic! I want that gold velvet bathrobe!

a lot going on.jpg

SOOOO MUCH going on here- prints, textures, detailing, weird lengths- this is normally something I would scoffed- but you can tell, even from the just the photo that these 2 women feel great with their choices and I applaud them! Why not wear the things you like? I have a lot of friends that see fashion photography, even just “people on the street” kind of stuff and say “I love that, but could never pull it off.”  To that I say, YES YOU CAN! Why should Parisians and people who can afford fashion week tickets have all the fun?

baggy jean mess.jpg

Wear that baggy jean head to toe ensemble with duo color boots!

brown leather puff coat, kitten heels and highwaters.jpg

Mix that huge puffy leather coat with highwater bell bottoms and kitten heels!

princess leia tennis outfit.jpg

Princess Leia tennis outfit? Sure!!

Fashion should be fun.

SIDEBAR:Unfortunately, some people also think it should be expensive- but there are ways around that, too. I’m sure the cost of this retro 80’s look equals the market value of my used Subaru Outback, but I saw a mock turtleneck top just like that in a Salvation Army last week- and the jeans. And the puff coat.high waisted 80s jeans and puff coat.jpg

Back on track… Like I said, fashion should be fun. And of course, your definition of fun fashion, my definition of fun fashion, a myriad of other people’s definition of fun fashion all vary- but the point is, go ahead and wear it. Take a risk, get out of your comfort zone for a while and pretty soon that comfort zone has grown bigger. And we’ll all be more interesting for it.

Okay, don’t think I wasn’t doing to throw in something about makeup, we are a makeup company after all… plus, all my talk about “wear the clothes you want” also applies to “wear the makeup you want”, especially when it comes to lips. People are so afraid of a bold or bright lip, but you shouldn’t be. If you love it on you, don’t let what other people may or may NOT say matter. (Meaning, they probably don’t even notice it looks “too bright” or “too bold”, only you suspect they might.) So here’s some places to start when you wanna rev up that lip…


Bust out your inner dark diva with Spy lipcolor.



Bright coral lip stain can’t help but be refreshing.


Make a Heat Wave in the fall with these racy, red lip glosses.

Check out for tons of lip options, both bold and subtle- and a full line of other cosmetics to help you make fashion YOUR definition of fun.


Highlight? Yes, please.


Highlighting is the one trend that we hope never goes away.  Even though there is something to be said for moderation, a little highlight goes a long way to giving your face that extra something.

So, for those of you still unsure of what highlighting is, highlighting is a way of using face makeup to attract light to specific features, creating the illusion of brightness and height, hence that lit-from-within look.

If you wanna give highlighting a try, you should check out some of these great dupes for the more expensive products on the market that we have to offer here at Tah Tah!

Fan of the Smashbox L.A. Lights Highlighter?  Try our Cheek Stick in Ignite.


Fan of the Nars The Multiple Stick?  Try our Cheek Stick in Adorable.


Fan of Benefit’s High Beam?  Try our Liquid Shimmer in Wavelength.


Fan of the Nars Super Cream Illuminator?  Try our Liquid Blush in Privileged.



Hope these dupes inspire you to get out there and GLOW!


Kim @ Tah Tah Makeup

Summertime Switcheroo

Let’s be honest, sometimes it super easy to get in a makeup rut.  Me personally, I’ve used the same 3 eyeshadow hues (even if I’ve purchased variations of the same color from different brands) for YEARS.  This Summer, let’s commit to breaking out from the usual with a few of these simple summertime swaps that will refresh your look!

Foundation:  Have you tried a tinted moisturizer or BB cream?  Both of these options will offer a dewier, more summer-friendly look with a buildable level of coverage.  Still want a little more coverage than these two options can provide, but want a dewy finish, try mixing a little of your moisturizer with your current foundation!

Try:  Tinted Moisturizer, BB Cream

Eyeliner:  Try a navy!  I’m a super fan of black eyeliner, particularly this guy.  But, in the summer, I love to mix in a navy to make my eyes pop in the summer sun.

Try: Long Wear Ultimate Eye Pencil in Shiver

Eyeshadow:  This is my biggest rut.  I use brown, darker brown, lighter brown and black.  These colors are consistently it for my eyeshadow routine.  This summer though, I am going to try and change it up by adding in a copper and gold (which, I know, are just metallic shades of brown, but baby steps…) and a peachy pink shadow to the routine.

Try: Bonfire, Booty, Symphony, Please

Here’s to trying something new!  Leave a comment with your favorite way to switch up your makeup routine and we’ll feature our favorite answer on our social media!


Kim @Tah Tah Makeup

Protect Your Skin, Y’all!


Summer is right around the corner and if you’re like me, you’re outside and enjoying the beautiful weather before it gets too ungodly hot outside.  The question I have for you though is, are you protecting your face?!?

One of the number one ways to keep your skin healthy and looking young is by protecting it from sun damage.  Aside from the threat of skin cancer, over exposing your face to sun can result in wrinkles, uneven skin tone and sun spots.

Luckily, Tah Tah Makeup has tons of options for you with SPF coverage to help defend your skin against the sun to keep you looking youthful.

Looking for lighter coverage?  Try our Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 15, BB Cream with SPF 30, or CC Cream with SPF 20!

Want something full coverage?  Try our 3-in-1 Foundation Stick with SPF 18, Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation with SPF 15, or our Perfect Finish Foundation with SPF 15!

So there is no excuse not to cover up this summer while you’re out showing a little skin!


Kim @tahtahblog

If I can do it, you can do it.


Last time I mentioned this great lip I came across while perusing Spring runway looks (purpose was to find some outrageous eye looks to try out on my friend Tiffany, my offical guinea pig, I’m sure that will come up again in the future.) I decided to see if I could reproduce it.

Here’s the lip:





I’m no model folks, thus I wasn’t born with a model’s lips. Especially not those like this under 21 year old fairy lady- all that is to say my photos of the finished product below won’t be quite as ethereal and beautiful, but I think I got pretty close!



First step is definitely a lip primer – this look requires a pale slate. Incidentally, we happen to have a “go on smooth-last all day” lip primer.  Best part? You can use it on your, eyes, too! It keeps shadow fresh and true to color until you wash it off. Plus, it keeps the shadow from consolidating into those weird, dark crease lines when it’s hot and muggy outside. I have sort of uneven toned pinkish reddish lips, so I highly recommend it, for both its evening effects and staying power for any lipstick or crayon. You can get some here.


Next I covered my entire lip with a neutral liner, the Ultimate Pencil in Bashful. A great base for nude and lighter pink lip colors, it gave a nice pink toned beige base for the look.


After the first liner color, I added a coat of Rose Salve, adding a great moisturizing shine. It works great to heal dry lips, add a bit of glossy finish and is absolutely affordable. You can find it at Ulta or order online from Amazon.


And the comes the pop of coral. Initially I tried the Ultimate Pencil in Take Me. Only coloring in the middle third of my lips, I then used the brush with the Rose Salve to feather the color out towards the corners.


It was slightly lighter than I expected but was lovely color overall.

Neither a model nor professional photographer.

I think I may have added a little too much color on the top lip, when comparing to the photo- but for a first try, not terrible. And I learned all over lip liner mixed with some gloss or balm provides an all day pop of great color! even last through my 5 cups of coffee before noon. (In addition to The Rosa Salve, Maybelline Makes a great semishine called Baby Lips- feels great, not too glossy- perfect to soften the all over the lip liner look.)

Here’s everything I ended up using when trying to find the best options for the look I was going for:


Besides the previously mentioned liner colors and primer, the pic shows some of my favorite coral lip options from the Tah Tah line.

The gorgeous coral lipstick is called Geranium.

The matte stain to it’s left is Matchmaker. When we say “stain”, we mean it. Won’t even come off on your significant other’s cheeks after a kiss! Plus, these are on sale!

Right above that is the Liquid Lips Gloss in Heat Wave, great shine, pop color and a little bit of metallic sparkle. They’re also enriched with Vitamin C and don’t get sticky! Who doesn’t love that?

I’m off to look at more runway looks now, that outrageous idea to try on my friend Tiff, so until next time…


Luci @tahtahblog